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Village Has High Rate of Return on Taxes Using KVS Partner Application MuniTrax
Property Owners Take Advantage of Convenient Online Bill Pay Service

Amherst, NY - December 21, 2009 - The Village of Valley Stream, NY, is raking in the benefits of collecting property taxes over the Internet.

Since offering tax payers the convenience of viewing, printing and paying their KVS tax bills online via the Village website, a high percentage of payments has been collected. "This is an on-line service that makes it easier for residents who would have to otherwise write a check, put it in an envelope, place a stamp on it and mail it, or make a visit to the village hall and waste their time and gas to do it," explained Bob Fumagalli, Deputy Village Clerk.

In the summer, the Village began using MuniTrax, the KVS partner application which provides the service, and promoted it on the Village website, in the local newspaper and on its tax bills. In early December, Mr. Fumagalli reported that more than $150,000 had been collected to date using the KVS/MuniTrax application.

The Village expects the volume collected will continue to build as more residents become aware of the service. "The more on-line services a municipality can provide now and in the future will provide the residents with a government that is responsive to their needs and improve the quality of their lives," Mr. Fumagalli stated. "The convenience also extends to the Village since it allows for a time efficient, cost-effective approach to processing tax collection," he added. "More importantly, the advantage goes to the taxpayer who has the choice of when, where and how they want to pay."

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